For Mid-Sized Businesses

Innovative and the most comprehensive HRIS built with enterprise level security and functionality for mid-sized businesses. Experience the future of HR software with a highly configurable and API-based employee database management software.It's a new way to manage your human capital and simplify your HR software systems.

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The decision to choose PineappleHR
for your HR software need is easy.

Save time and money, and realize exceptional Return Of Investment (ROI) on your HR software purchase.
Align your workforce with the organization's goals and priorities for the better productivity.
Define your workflow and data YOUR way and capture the information you and they way you need it. It is very powerful tool.
Create a communication-rich culture and ensure employees are able to help you cleanse all data and capture acknowledgement of necessary notices and announcements.
Capture all the data you need, and customize employee data categories to get any and all data important to your organization.
See workforce potential and gain a clear understanding of your workforce's strengths, skills, achievements and weaknesses.
Tap into HR experience and expertise of human resources management pros around the world.

Simple, seamless and secure HRIS integration

With PineappleHR you can easily connect and synchronize employee data between PineappleHR software and your other systems such as payroll, recruiting, benefit admin and ERP suite so you always have an accurate, up-to-date view of your organization.

PineappleHR is a fully managed end-to-end integration service that enables users to automate the transfer of employee data into the PineappleHR user center without the need for additional software, hardware or IT support.

Raising the bar on what you can expect from a HR Software vendor

PineappleHR isn't just about software. It's about offering a complete set of HR software solutions alongside a comprehensive set of services, best-practices resources and an awesome support, all brought together to help you succeed.

Powerful HR management solutions. Products that are profoundly simple to implement and use, and easily configurable to meet your business needs.
Easy implementation. A dedicated consultant will walk you through every step of your implementation — and you’ll receive a blend of on-demand and customized leader-led training.
Stellar support. From first contact, you’ll work with certified, knowledgeable, and highly experienced staff that will give you fast access to the information and support you need.
Continuous advancement services. Get all the guidance, services and resources you need to gradually transfer everything from paper to digital world successfully, year after year.
Solutions, resources, community — 24/7. Access a fantastic customer community that’s active on our social networks, our customer portal and our live and virtual user groups.
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