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For Midsize Business

We built PineappleHR after sessions of listening to many successful mid-sized employers as well as their employees. We not only talked to HR & Financial executives, but CEO’s, COO’s, team leaders, industry experts and boards of directors of businesses. PineappleHR is the “best of breed” Time & Attendance system with an innovative, future-proof employee database. This comprehensive database can serve as the starting point for your HR software journey or can act as an extended database to your enterprise ERP or HR software such as Workday, Oracle/PeopleSoft, SAP SuccessFactors, Microsoft Dynamics. Experience the future of HR software with a highly configurable and API-based employee database and time & labor management software.

For Hospital

The healthcare industry continues to change dramatically. Healthcare reform and the shift from fee-for-service to accountable care are driving widespread industry consolidation and new evolving business models. These changes, along with a struggle to cut cost and increase productivity, demand that hospitals become more agile, efficient, and adaptive—or risk being left behind. The PineappleHR software for hospitals, health care facilities and medical centers is your solution to increase productivity of an existing workforce with super easy-to-use employer and employee portals. Also, the PineappleHR’s Time & Attendance and Innovative Database both agile and fully configurable to your unique needs. Finally, it is cloud based so, no more expensive hardware/servers to maintain or difficult to upgrade/change.

For Government

We understand the challenges of government organizations today; shrinking budgets, very old technology, aged workforce and increasing demand for productivity and cost-cutting measures. PineappleHR is the solution to increase productivity of your existing workforce with super easy-to-use employer and employee portals. In addition, PineappleHR’s Time & Attendance and Innovative Database both agile and fully configurable to your unique needs of HR Software for Government organizations. We help Federal, State and Local governments (County, City, Universities, School Districts and special districts such as Water, Transit, Housing and many more) cut cost and increase efficiency. Finally, it is cloud based so, no more expensive hardware/servers to maintain or difficult to upgrade/change.

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Forget those messy excel spread-sheets and the shabby way of informing the employees of the shifts. The new & easy way of employee scheduling is here. It’s fast, efficient and without human errors.


Are you always concerned about who is at work & who is late? Are you tired of those overpayments due to the manual calculation errors. Our modern time is the answer.


You may be an organization who uses many HR related software systems such as ATS, payroll, performance or learning management. Our software offers a seamless integration with your existing systems.


Your employees can now easily view their time and attendance details through an intuitive dashboard on their portal homepage. Furthermore, employees have the option of applying various other requests.


The reports say that most managers spend their quality time tracking employee leave balances, requests and management. Automate PTO and time-off management with our enterprise level functionalities.


PineappleHR is web-based software. This means you don’t have to install or download any software to using it. It’s better, safer and smarter than the traditional software. 


Our software is designed so thoughtfully that both employees and managers like using it. The simplistic design, the self-learning layout make it a world class product; causing the user to use it again and  again.


Our software allows you to create & manage multi-level managerial approvals for all requests by configuring the approval levels for individual employees, and hence, automates the entire  process.


Now, you need not to worry about missing out on an important notification or alert. Our system notifies you via text and/or email if someone has requested time-off or a shift swap or has sent some other important message.


Out entire software system is built with latest responsive design. So, you can access our system on cell phones, tablets or laptops without even needing to download an app. 


The automation and the accuracy of the software helps you avoid making mistakes during calculation of the labor costs.  The automation, coupled with strong reporting, ensures you do not spend extra. 


PineappleHR offers you a comprehensive range of clocking systems. Our web-based clocking systems and the physical clocking systems give you the liberty to choose the suitable option to you.

Cut Cost with Our Modern Biometric Employee Times Clocks!


It is 100% customizable and supports many standard time clock features including cost centers, job codes, attestation messages and more….


The modern clock uses GPS for location tracking and a camera for employee facial recognition….


It is designed to always run full screen as a single app and does not allow employees to exit the time clock….


It does not require admin or expensive enroller to enroll employee to time clock and no multiple enrollments require to use more than one clock….


Its terminal allows employees to continue using the time clock even without the internet connection….


Its terminal allows workers to speak their time clock selections instead of using their fingers if they so choose.

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